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From Men’s Hairstyles to Boy’s Haircuts, Beauty and Grooming Lounge’s Barber Services Are A Cut Above

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Stay on top of the current style trends with Men’s haircuts and beard trims from Beauty and Grooming Lounge in San Antonio.

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A barbershop offers services specifically for gentlemen. In addition to getting a haircut from a barber that’s well-versed in men's hair, you can also get a beard trim, mustache trim, scalp massage, and much more.

Our grooming services help you keep your hair tight and professional at your convenience. If you notice you need a little off the top, or you need a trim before your next big meeting, we have you covered. Our barber is prepared to bring the full salon experience to you at an affordable price with the same high-quality looks. We take the time and care needed to give you a great cut, down to the little details that define your personal style.

We’re excited to focus all of our attention on you for a one-of-a-kind grooming experience. You won’t want to go back to your usual barber again after you’ve worked with us. Ready to get started? With our services, you don’t have to wait months for your next haircut to get what you want. Simply schedule your appointment online, and we will get you in. Come see us at Beauty and Grooming Lounge in San Antonio today!



What's A Fade?

A fade means a transition of lengths and color positioned around the head. The hair is not cut to one length and has various sizes blended in together. Fades are defined by four levels - taper, low, mid, or high. It's measured from where the shortest part of the hair goes up the head and starts to transition into another longer length. Fades are one of the most fashionable ways to stay clean-cut with a touch of style!


A Welcomed Distraction 

Visiting the barbershop is a form of self-care, and with Beauty and Grooming Lounge Barbershop, we want to establish ourselves as your welcomed distraction! Escape the daily grind by scheduling your appointment whenever it feels right for you. Whether you need a quick trim on your way across town for your next meeting or you’ve got the day off, and you want to take care of yourself, we can book you in accordingly. Look good, feel good, live good!


Haircut & Facial Package

For those looking for a barbershop experience like no other, our Haircut + Facial package includes full barbering service with shampoo, styling, and razor edge-up detailing. Book now to receive some R&R under the facial steamer! This is how a barbershop visit was meant to be experienced! Schedule your appointment today and experience barbering services at its best!

Beauty and Grooming Lounge wants to be your escape from the everyday!

Come in today and encounter a salon experience like no other! Book your appointment now for your Men’s haircut and facial package and visit a barbershop that will leave you feeling tip-top from head to toe!

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