Getting ready for an event? Need a style to wow your fellow guests? Ready to look good and feel good? Look no further than Beauty and Grooming Lounge in San Antonio. We have provided one-of-a-kind styles for clients of all hair types and styles for years, and we would be honored to work with you, too. Our stylist, Bianca, is a fully licensed cosmetologist, specializes in natural hair, protective hairstyles, braids, healthy hair treatments, and many other services! No matter what you need, Bianca will take the time to consult with you on your hair and make sure it’s exactly fit to what you want and need.

Our commitment is to your style and comfort first. We create custom looks just for you. Rather than simply offer basic cuts and colors, our team takes the time to work with you on a style that is truly unique. We do this because we know it is important for you to have a hairstyle that is not only easy to maintain but boosts your confidence as well. We have the equipment and skill needed to style your hair, so you can enjoy the luxury of a salon anytime. See for yourself when you schedule your styling

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At Beauty and Grooming Lounge, we have all kinds of hairstyling services to help you enhance your beauty. We are specialists in hair treatments and makeovers. Our mission is to provide you with the best-personalized services in a fast and reliable way to make you feel special with a hair that reflects your personality and individuality in Northwest San Antonio.


Shaping, Texturing, and Styling Service

We know in depth the properties of your hair to offer you the most appropriate treatments for your needs. We are specialists in hairdressing, and we have extensive knowledge that allows us to give the best. We offer you what your hair needs and what favors your image in terms of style, texture, and shape. Visit us and change your look now!


Straightening, or Curling Hair

At Beauty and Grooming Lounge, we are specialists in all types of hair. That's why we offer the best treatments for straightening with longer duration and better results (increased shine and silkiness), we also offer excellent treatments for curly hair that will make your curls look more defined for much longer, with a better texture and frizz control that will allow you to enjoy your hair without fear of ruining it.


Protective Styles

Have an important event but don't know what hairstyle to wear to enjoy it without worrying about losing the look? At Beauty and Grooming Lounge, we have the best and most varied braid designs that will help you enhance your beauty and allow you to enjoy any moment without fear of losing your hairstyle - and best of all, they can be used for any occasion such as birthday parties, weddings, graduations, and much more!


Tape-In Extensions

Here at Beauty and Grooming Lounge, we are experts in microlinks and tape-in extensions. That's why we'll help you change your look quickly. We'll make sure your extensions look natural and radiant for much longer, and best of all, they won't damage your hair. You will have extensions that although they are not as specialized as microlinks, will be useful for any occasion and you will have them ready in a short time.



Wear extensions that look natural but above all that are durable. Here at Beauty and Grooming Lounge, we have the best option for you. With our microlinks and tape-in extensions, you get that natural and long-lasting look you are looking for. With microlinks, you get completely natural and eye-catching extensions that will be unnoticeable to the naked eye.

No matter what style or service you are looking for, our specialists are prepared to always give you the best advice and the best products to ensure that your procedure lasts longer and always looks like it just came out of the salon. Be sure to ask for our microlinks and tape-in extensions in Northwest San Antonio. Book now and change your look!

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