How to Choose the Right Stylist For You!

4 Steps To Finding the Right One

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The right hair stylist can make or break your style and experience at the hair salon or barber. So how do you find the right one when you’ve moved or your current stylist in San Antonio has retired? Follow these four steps and you are sure to find your new — and next favorite — hair stylist.

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The best first step is to do your own research. Research top-rated salons in the San Antonio area, read reviews, and look at their websites to see if their salon matches your vibe. As you read reviews, see if specific stylists are mentioned and make a note to request them if you choose to book a consultation or schedule at that particular salon. If you see someone with nice hair or with a style you’d like to emulate, ask them where they get their hair done.

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Ask the Right Questions

Questions to ask about specific stylists include, “How many years of experience do they have?” as well as, “What do they specialize in?” However, years of experience doesn’t always translate into the best stylist for you: sometimes years of experience can mean dated hairstyles. Ask the receptionist about which hair stylist might be best for you and have pictures of what style or color you would like to achieve — a picture is worth a thousand words, right?

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Schedule a Consultation

Once you’ve done your research and asked some questions, next it's time to book a consultation. A consultation is designed for you and the stylist to get to know each other as well as help the stylist understand what style you are looking for. If the salon doesn’t offer a consultation, book a blowout or treatment and talk to them about your vision for your hair. Bring pictures to show them what you’re thinking!

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Try Them Out

After you’ve had a consultation with your stylist or a “trial” appointment, it’s time to try them out. While at your appointment, think about not only how comfortable you feel with your stylist, but also how well your personalities complement each other. Your stylist isn’t just cutting, coloring and/or styling your hair — they are providing you an experience. If they provide you an experience you like, book a follow up appointment, or try out another stylist to find the perfect fit.

Here Is Real Advice From Our Stylists:

  • Abel - “Choosing the right barber will give you the haircut you want — not everyone does that. Communication is key: recommendations and tips on upkeep and maintenance are a must. ”

  • Bianca - “The right salon will make sure your hair is healthy and always acts in the best interest of your hair.”

Good luck finding your perfect hair stylist! Be sure to check out Beauty and Grooming in San Antonio. We would love to offer you the best experience that will have you walking out of our hair salon feeling your absolute best. Book an appointment with us today!

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