The Importance of Hair Maintenance

How to Keep Your Hair Looking Healthy & It’s Best

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Many of us, when we think about having good hair, we think about finding the right style, the right products, and learning how to work with our hair. However, taking care of our hair though regular maintenance plays an equally important role in how our hair looks and feels. Many stylists would say that having healthy hair is a key factor for being able to style our hair. Though the type of regular hair maintenance will differ depending on your hair and other factors, here are basic benefits and tips for enjoying beautiful hair.

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Hair Growth

Regular hair maintenance will promote hair growth, but over-styling your hair, not protecting it from heat, your diet and even your stress levels can cause your hair to become damaged and will inhibit growth. A balanced diet as well as taking supplements will help sustain your hair’s growth from the inside out. Also, giving your hair rest days when you don’t style it, and using products that protect your hair from styling heat and the sun will promote hair growth.

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Scalp Health

Having a healthy scalp is equally as important as having healthy hair — and a healthy scalp will help promote hair growth and prevent dandruff and scalp discomfort. Regular hair brushing, wearing sunscreen or a hat, and even scalp treatments can help keep your scalp healthy. Pro tip: If you are experiencing dandruff and it’s yellow in color, your scalp is dirty and it's in need of a good wash and scrub. However, if your hair’s dandruff is white or gray, it usually means your scalp is dry and is in need of moisture.

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Hair Health

Regular hair care won’t just promote hair growth, but will also impact how it looks. Healthy hair will be strong and have a natural shine. Regular, gentle brushing as well as use of heat protectants, conditioners, and oils can help revitalize and nourish your hair, as well as protect it. Your diet and lifestyle can also affect how your hair looks.

Pro tip: also avoid hair products that have toxic ingredients such as sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and alcohol.

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Overall Confidence

When your hair looks and feels good, you will very likely have more confidence in yourself. Regular hair care will also cause your hair to be easier to style and manage, saving you time and frustration. What’s more, taking time to take care of your hair can help promote a healthy sense of self care.

We hope that you enjoyed our blog post! Regularly getting your hair cut or trimmed and washed by our stylists is also regular maintenance that your hair needs. A cut will promote hair growth and will remove deadends — and let’s be honest, a great cut and style always feels good! Contact us today to schedule an appointment with us!