Tips For Your Hair Type

Natural hair varies by person and their hair texture. Some people may have evenly styled waves, others might have a tight zig-zag pattern or very straight and thin hair. No matter what your hair type may be categorized as, these listed tips should be common practice customized to your unique hair texture and hair style.

Firstly, it is important to know your type(s) of hair. The patterns are broken into numbers and letters that assist you in finding the right products and textures that would best match you; ex: 1B 3A 4C. Let us help you figure out your hair type(s) and provide you with the best hair salutations and products!

Secondly, use protein treatments to repair any damaged hair. This will give your hair bonds the ability to repair and grow stronger than before. Hair care isn’t just what is done at the salon. Continuous hair care, even at home, will ensure your hair is healthy.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to “Fake it until you make it!” Hair extensions are everyone’s best friend, whether you are balding or looking for added volume and color. At Beauty and Grooming Lounge, we specialize Microlinks and Tape-in Extensions for the hair style you are looking for.