Trendy Back-to-School Hairstyles!

These days, it can feel daunting keeping up with the current trends. Trends are coming and going faster than they ever have before, all thanks to the fast-paced environment that social media provides. However, the great thing about hair style is that tried-and-true classics often withstand the test of time, ultimately allowing you to showcase your unique style.

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Hair Designs for Boys

Boys' hairstyles can get really creative, especially with the addition of a hair design! It’s mostly trending among the younger crowd, with increasing popularity among teenagers and twenty-somethings. However, this hairstyle does not come with an age limit. The shaved sides leave a wide mohawk-style strip of hair that looks cool spiked up but doesn't have to be styled. This style is manageable on most hair types.

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Curtain Bangs

Everyone either wants or has curtain bangs right now. It seems that bangs have made quite the resurgence in popularity within the past two years. Curtain bangs are swept across either side of your face, creating a gorgeous frame around your forehead and cheekbones.

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Crochet Braids

Crochet Braids, otherwise known as latch hook braids, can either be simplistic, or a cultural statement piece. These braids involve crocheting hair extensions to your natural hair using a latch hook or crochet hook. Crochet braids are a hybrid of traditional braids and weaves. This hairstyle can last up to 8 weeks, making your morning routine quick and easy!

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Easy Updo Buns

On busy mornings, updo hairstyles can be your best friend. Everyone has those days where they have to race against the clock to make it to class on time. Buns look effortlessly gorgeous, giving off the impression that you’re not trying too hard but instead look fabulous. Do a high bun with a scrunchie or hair tie, and spice it up with some pulled-back braids!

Back-to-school time doesn’t need more stress than it already comes with. You’re already crunched for time in the mornings, so ensuring that you have ready-to-go hairstyles eases your burdens. Classics are classics for a reason, and these trendy hair styles remind us that’s true. If you’re ready for a new haircut, stop by Beauty and Grooming Lounge today.

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